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Luke Coutinho - Testosterone, Menopause & Mental Health | The Ranveer Show 415

Episode Summary

Check out my Mind Performance app: Level SuperMind Android - iOS - Join the Level Community Here: Check out BeerBiceps SkillHouse's Podcasting 101 Course - Follow BeerBiceps SkillHouse's Social Media Handles: YouTube : Instagram : Website : For any other queries EMAIL: In case of any payment-related issues, kindly write to Follow Luke Coutinho's Social Media Handles:- Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: LinkedIn: Website: Link to our blog: Luke Coutinho is an all-star of TRS. One of my all-time favorite guests and people in the world. This man needs no introduction. One of the top health and fitness coaches in India who has worked relentlessly with Cancer patients worldwide and mentored some of the top celebrities in Bollywood with health and wellness. Luke has been on the show previously, in some of our most loved episodes. We previously spoke about fitness & food habits, drugs & psychedelics, and warrior mentality. In this very special episode, we spoke about the health problems people face in the process of aging and how few small steps can address these problems. We talked about his fitness at the age of 44, dealing with aging parents, small changes parents can make to lead a healthy life, how the different phases of life go on, and much more. I hope you will enjoy this amazing conversation with none other than Luke Coutinho and do share your thoughts in the comments. (0:00) - Start of the podcast (3:08) - Luke Coutinho x Ranveer Allahbadia begins (4:25) - About his life (5:35) - About his workout (11:46) - Mobility Exercises (17:15) - Joint strength (20:15) - Phases of life (28:14) - Longevity (29:45) - Aging parents (46:25) - Appreciation and validation in relationships (55:55) - Starting a career at 33 (1:06:25) - Why people should embrace physical activities (1:16:30) - Loneliness (1:21:19) - Epigenetics (1:30:18) - Thank you for watching (1:31:35) - End of the podcast #aging #healhtylife