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MAA KAALI Special: Explained In Detail By Rajarshi Nandy - Shakti, Kamakhya Devi, Bhairava | TRS 416

Episode Summary

Check out the Bhairav Series by Rajarshi Nandy on the Level SuperMind App: Android - iOS - Join the Level Community Here: Check out BeerBiceps SkillHouse's Podcasting 101 Course - Follow BeerBiceps SkillHouse's Social Media Handles: YouTube : Instagram : Website : For any other queries EMAIL: In case of any payment-related issues, kindly write to Follow Rajarshi Nandy's Social Media Handles:- YouTube link: X: Link To The Telegram Group:- Link to our blog: The Ranveer Show is back with another episode with Rajarshi Nandy. In this episode, Rajarshi sir dwelled deep into the world of spirituality and explained the true form of Maa Kali. Shri Rajarshi Nandy is a Sadhaka and an adherent of the Sanatan Dharma. Rajarshi sir is also a technical writer by profession, an upasaka, an author, a speaker, and a columnist with a keen interest in exploring spiritualism. In this episode, we talked about Maa Kali, different forms of Maa Kali, and the spiritual practices performed for her. We talked about the similarities between Kamakhya Devi, Maa Kali & Tripura Sundari, the intense form of Maa Kali, how to worship Maa Kali, the importance of Guru, and much more. Every time I have a conversation with Rajarshi Nandy, I find myself gaining so much more knowledge. I hope that after seeing this episode, you will feel the same. Enjoy this episode and let us know your thoughts in the comments! (0:00) - Start of the podcast (2:12) - Rajarshi Nandy x Ranveer Allahbadia begins (3:30) - Aadya Shakti (5:40) - Kamakhya Devi, Maa Kali & Tripura Sundari (9:30) - Shabar Mantra (15:15) - The importance of a Guru (29:50) - Maa Kali (39:04) - Tantra in politics (48:50) - Shakti Upasana in today’s time (50:15) - Bhairava temples (56:45) - Link between Kali Maa & Bhairav Baba (1:04:10) - About India (1:09:42) - Worshiping Maa Kali (1:20:00) - Praying to multiple deities (1:24:33) - Bhairava Upasana (1:27:50) - Intensity of Maa Kali (1:32:20) - His encounter with an entity (1:36:24) - Deity’s preferences for geographic locations (1:37:30) - Maa Tara (1:49:55) - Thank you for watching (1:50:12) - End of the podcast