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TOP Hair Doctor - Baldness Solutions, Hair Growth & Transplants | Dr. Abhishek Pilani | TRS 417

Episode Summary

Check out my Mind Performance app: Level SuperMind Android - iOS - Join the Level Community Here: Check out BeerBiceps SkillHouse's Podcasting 101 Course - Follow BeerBiceps SkillHouse's Social Media Handles: YouTube : Instagram : Website : For any other queries EMAIL: In case of any payment-related issues, kindly write to Follow Dr. Abhishek Pilani's Social Media Handles:- Instagram: Follow Assure Clinic's Social Media Handles:- Instagram: Facebook: X: YouTube: LinkedIn: Link to our blog: This podcast was recorded on 27th April 2024 in The Ranveer Show Studio 2. In this very special episode of The Ranveer Show, we welcome Dr. Abhishek Pilani. He is an MD Dermatologist & Hair Transplant Surgeon. He is one of the most renowned names in the field and has over 10+ years of professional experience in the dermatology industry. In this episode, we will break down the problem of male pattern baldness and discuss the practical biological solutions to it. We will cover topics such as the reasons behind hair fall, the meaning of hair loss, hair fall and hair thinning, how genetics can largely cause hair loss, what is the procedure of hair transplantation, does everyone needs to have a hair transplant, and much more. We will also discuss how the medical industry scams patients by introducing medicines that may be harmful to their health, how much a hair transplant costs, and much more. This was an in-depth conversation about male pattern baldness and the practical solutions to it. I hope you will enjoy this amazing conversation and let us know your thoughts in the comments. (0:00) - Start of the podcast (3:28) - Dr. Abhishek Pilani x Ranveer Allahbadia (5:00) - Hair loss, hair thinning & hair fall (7:00) - Reasons for hair loss (11:54) - Procedure of hair transplant (14:40) - Cost of hair transplant (17:57) - About medicines (22:44) - Spotting hair transplant (25:15) - Insecurities in patients (27:07) - Investing in yourself (30:57) - When to visit a doctor and who is eligible for transplant? (35:05) - Does a hair transplant hurt? (38:15) - About Turkey (42:03) - Transplant procedure (45:36) - Working with celebrities (50:06) - How is a hairline designed? (51:14) - Beard transplant (1:00:40) - Options available for patients (1:03:26) - Styling products and hair oils (1:06:58) - Effect of smoking on health (1:10:38) - What affects hair health? (1:13:10) - Scams in medical industry (1:16:50) - Thank you for watching (1:18:26) - End of the podcast